What is BKT?

So what is Brazilian Keratin Treatment? Informally known as BKT, this beauty treatment is designed for those who wish to tame their frizz or curb their curls for up to 3-4 months. ENCANTO promises a significant reduction of frizz and curls of at least 80%. Customers have even stated they have recognized faster drying time. From a luxurious lather to longer lengths, and less drying time, ENCANTO can do it all for you.

From the beginning our mission has been simple: Empower customers without the need of a shelf-full of products. We wanted to create a quality product that would deliver, and deliver it affordably. We’ve accomplished that, and our customers have noticed. To date, ENCANTO has the largest Brazilian Keratin community on Facebook, interacting with our customers and fans on a very candid level. Others have experienced the effortless perfection of this beauty treatment. It’s time you did too. We urge you to see what everyone is passionate about, because everyone deserves to feel sexy from sunup to sundown.

A little treatment and a little of your time go a long way into perfecting your looks.

The treatment takes approximately three hours depending on hair type and length. The process involves several steps of washing, applying, blow drying, and straightening. However, once our 5 Easy Steps process is complete, you don’t need to wait around for four days to wash or style it (like traditional keratin treatments).

We want perfect hair days to become the standard. We are ENCANTO.

Here of course! Also, you will find us on our official eBay and Amazon stores.

Make sure to buy ENCANTO from a reputable source. If you’ve purchased ENCANTO from a wholesaler and would like to confirm the authenticity, please contact us and we can confirm whether it is a reputable source.Remember, there is only one ENCANTO.

We, unlike many companies, sell both to salons and individuals. However, if you’re a salon, or interested in wholesale pricing we offer special pricing. CONTACT US with your salon information and we will be happy to send you that information.